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Alta Survey
boundary survey meeting specific standards and requirements as set forth by American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). This type of survey is sometimes required by many title insurance companies, most often used for commercial properties. 

As-Built Survey
A post construction survey showing all major changes in relation to the completed project. It updates any revisions made: . (1) determine the vertical and horizontal location of points as constructed on the site and (2) to determine how much work has been accomplished up to a given date.

Boundary Survey
A survey of a parcel of land as described by a metes and bounds legal description or a lot, block and plat book legal description. It also shows any existing structures as they relate to the property boundaries.

Cadastral Survey
An original survey, resurvey, or retracement of public lands within the Public Land Survey System of the United States for the restoration of property lines.

Construction Survey
When constructing highways, roads, bridges, buildings, and other construction projects, construction surveying is required to establish the major features of the land’s surface that might affect the upcoming construction.  The process aims to lay out calculated survey points on the construction ground as a guide for building site improvements derived from plans prepared by design professionals.

Elevation Certificate
also known as a FEMA certificate, this document identifies the flood and non-flood hazard areas in which a particular property is located. The form also indicates the elevation of the building. The Elevation Certificate is used by insurance agents for the purpose of quoting your property flood insurance rates.

Final Survey
A survey of a parcel of land (preceded by a Spot survey) showing all improvements made.

Formboard Survey
A survey where the proposed construction forms are staked out for the builder.

Lot Split Survey
Performed when a there is a need to divide an existing parcel of land into two or more parcels. All surveys for lot splits include a plat of the new parcels and the required legal description to record the split.

Mortgage Survey
A survey typically used by title companies and mortgage lenders to obtain proof that the major improvements on the property are free of encroachments onto neighboring properties or into recorded easements; or that improvements made on neighboring properties do not encroach onto the parcel.  This type of a survey is not a boundary survey which confirms the set property corners or sets missing corners.  Findings are typically certified to a Mortgage Lender or Land Title Agency.

Property Line Stakeout
setting wood stakes (or iron pins) along the property lines of a parcel of land.

Route Survey:
Reconnaissance, preliminary survey and location survey for an alignment of a linear type feature such as a road, railroad, canal, pipeline or utility line.

Site Planning Survey
A combination of boundary and topographic surveys for preparation of a site plan design to be used for designing improvements or developments.

Spot Survey
A survey of a building under construction showing the foundation as it relates to the property boundaries.

Sub-Division Survey
Sub-Divisions are basically splits of property.  Although they may be made for any purpose but usually they serve the purpose of selling the individual lots of land.  A subdivision can be as simple as dividing a one acre lot in half or as complex as dividing 100 acres into many lots with roads and utilities.

Title Survey
A land survey is made for the Title Company and/or Lender with the survey and location data needed for the issuing of title or mortgage insurance. For this purpose a map is drawn to “ALTA” specifications. "ALTA" stands for American Land Title Association.

Topographic Survey
A survey of a parcel of land showing elevations throughout the boundary at a given interval.
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